Value driven relationships…A key ingredient for growth!

Have you ever attended a meeting and you have been sat opposite the other side of the table with someone who has tried to sell to you without taking an interest in you or your business? Or maybe you have tried to sell to someone without taking an interest in their business? Don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response or any repeat meetings/business from them in the future.

We are entering an age, where, in my opinion – it no longer suffices to just sell your services. I believe by just delivering a return on investment by solely offering your services is a conventional, tired way of doing things.

Competition is becoming fierce, this is why more than ever, value driven relationships are key – so how are they created and sustained?

Put your own interests aside and develop a customer centric approach. When you are going to meetings, focus on the person on the opposite side of the table and extract information that goes beyond your own services and encompasses their interests.

Always be looking to understand their challenges, ‘how can I help you to overcome them’? Becoming a person of value, it opens up more doors, creates stronger relationships and facilitates more introductions.

Long term value driven relationships can be fundamental for growth, especially when working with strategic partners who also share your philosophy. It can help you gain access to new markets and new customers, rapidly. 

Value driven relationships are essential, the longer people neglect the concept, the easier you will find it to capitalise in your desired market