10 Top tips on route to market strategy when starting your own business

  1. Why does your firm exist? It is key that you understand clearly what problem it is that you are looking to solve in your desired market. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised how many try to create a solution without a problem.
  2. Brand identity Invest the time in to making sure that your brand is recognisable and strong within the marketplace. Define who you are, with a strong story in place.
  3. Proposition Test Take your proposition to business owners, mentors, people in your target market to receive feedback and refine your proposition. It’s always wise to ask people across different sectors and you will get different but equally valuable feedback.
  4. Newsletters Subscribe to different news outlets which enable you to collate intelligence within your specified field – highlighting the key people and firms you need to engage.
  5. Markets and sectors Invest the time to define which channels you are going to develop. This will enable you to dedicate your energy from the beginning and scale quicker.
  6. Objective setting Set key growth objectives to ensure you are working towards your goal. This will also enable you to measure success to assess whether you are on track. e.g. increase market share by 7%.
  7. Channel planning & design Market research is fundamental to understand which channels you are going to get most traction and fundamentally, understand which areas you can build out your strategic partnership model to accelerate growth.
  8. Content marketing It is always useful to build a digital presence across different media platforms. Personally, I think Linkedin is a great platform to post video, blogs etc. It is also a cost-effective method if carried out correctly!
  9. Strategic Partnerships Look for areas where you can build mutually beneficial relationships which enable you to accelerate growth by accessing new extensive channels.
  10. Analysis Once you have pitched for to prospects, worked with new clients, it’s important to understand your strengths and weaknesses, where can you evolve to enhance your proposition within the marketplace to continue to increase market share.